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Only 1 Personal Data for Log In

giftboox seriously respect your privacy and will not share your personal information with third parties, your email will only used for notification of your purchase update.

New User
SIGN UP  an account, then make email activation.


Existing User
LOG IN  before shopping.


Customer Color Scheme
All orange tone colors represent customer info.

Shop Color Scheme
All green tone colors represent shop info.


4 Unique Type Products

S Original Design Products

S Collectible Products 

S Personalized Products

S Limited Editional Products


6 Simple Shopping Steps


One-stop management interface

  1. your cart - pick products to your cart page
  2. message - chat the product details with different shops in all status 
  3. payment - security payment via PayPal
  4. processing - production time for custom made orders
  5. sending - delivery period
  6. acceptance - acceptance of goods and earn your o giftcooin

i star - Shop reputation ratings

u heart - User's shopping ratings

n tips - User tips and details of this section




  1. giftcooin is an electronic token for purchasing in all shops of only 
  2. One giftcooin is equal to $8HK dollars (approximately 1USD) 
  3. You can collect additional giftcooin (1% of the order amount excluded shipping cost and tax fee) after every goods acceptance and complete the order


  1. giftboox's coupon is issued by individual shop and affect for specific email person only.
  2. Coupons are available for purchase the products of issuing shop only and cannot be used in other shops of giftboox. 
  3. giftboox allows seller to offer their customers coupons for the shop promotion individually.

All bonus are limited to use up to 50% of the total amount in each transaction.


Secure Payment

More confidence and trust 
giftboox is protected by positive SSL secured seal and we never store any user payment information.
All payment transactions and your personal information are processed inside PayPal gateway only.


Mobile Friendly Shop Experiences

Update your order anytime anywhere. Check Guide for more details

Compatible Browsers
  Android OS- Google Chrome
 Mac OS- Safari / Google Chrome
 Windows OS- Google Chrome

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Shop Owner >


help - shop owner

Shop Color Scheme
In Shop Mode, all green tone colors represent shop side element or info.

Customer Color Scheme
All orange tone colors represent customer side info.


Shop Owner Requirement

  1. The shop owner's age must be 18 or over
  2. You have Original Design Products or Collectible Products for sales. Mass production products are NOT allowed and all products must comply with giftboox's "General Prohibitions" of terms & conditions  
  3. High quality image with 560 x 560 pixels in jpg or png file format
  4. Paypal account for order transaction
  5. Passion !


Now, you can start your business for free!
(Every shop owner is entitled to 15 free listings which can be used at any time.)



Why giftboox ?

giftboox provides a community for the shop members to enrich each others.  Each shop has its own domain and will be featured randomly on index page to increase exposure. Six user friendly environments are created to help you smoothly set up, manage and complete the transactions. Whenever there is a comment, a request or an update, relevant information will be highlighted for prompt action so you will never miss an opportunity. The chat room will synchronize with the ongoing status.  Operation is so easy that you can focus on your creativity. 


6 Simple Selling Steps

One-stop management interface

  1. new item - create your new product and save it to draft mode
  2. draft - modify before publishing and await giftboox’s approval 
  3. listing - modify and manage your listed product(s), now in sales mode
  4. chat - communicate with customer(s) throughout the process
  5. orders - shows production, shipment status
  6. comments - give buyer comment(s) and provide after sales service

n tips - User tips and details of this section
e.g.  - YouTube example clips


Mobile Friendly Selling Management

Shop Mode 1st page
Easier to manage your shop anytime anywhere
   S  - You have new coming message(s)
   S  - This division has contents / no new message
   S  - No content in this division

Compatible Browsers
  Android OS- Google Chrome
 Mac OS- Safari / Google Chrome
 Windows OS- Google Chrome

Exclusive Domain

All internet users can easily find all your products by your own domain name address.

Promotional Tool

Custom coupon for your specific customers

Payment Method

Your Sales

All transaction and your sales will be transferred monthly through your PayPal account when the client completed the acceptance of goods.


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