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giftboox workshop 
701 Hung Kei Building
5-8 Queen Victoria Street
Central, Hong Kong
852 2522 9235



giftboox is a young, fashionable and fast-moving mobile online store where people are all having fun in doing their sales & purchases business in a hassle free manner.

It is a virtual platform for the creative talents and smart collectors to show a veriety of their unique products, trendy hot items and dazzling rare collectibles to many different customers all over the world so as to make things happen here, to develop opportunities here, to inspire each other here and finally to turn everyone's dream into reality here, in an online wonderland - giftboox.



better tool, better life!
We're strive to provide our customers with the best mobile shopping experience on our personalized online platform, you can feel our user friendly solutions in just a simple touch, like easy-to-operate instructions, speedy-plus-secure payment, and fast online-to-offline delivery, etc. We're not only doing our job as your branded online shop, but we're more likely to be a good introducer of you and your products to a whole world of billions customers.

giftboox - a countable budget to an uncountable opportunity!



single minded, simple happiness!
Let mobile shopping becomes more fun, be personalized and convenient!
Our goal is simply to create a funny, speedy, handy, hassel-free and secure online shopping environment for you and your customers. Our final goal is to build up a brand as the most trustable online trading platform among our customers, shop owners and giftboox.


Who we are

We are a group of indie designers, collectors and small business who get connected, meet and make-things-happen in giftboox. Here, you can surf, explore and get amazing stuffs from everywhere of the world without leaving home in just a few clicks.
Founded in October 2013, giftboox is privately held and headquartered in Hong Kong.


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Contact Shop Owners

giftboox is a bridging platform only and therefore we're NOT directly involved in the transaction between customers and shop owners. During the shopping process, customer can chat with shop owner freely and continually in the website. When there is time difference existed between two parties, our chatting system may allow non-real-time chatting. In such case, customer or shop owner will receive an official notification email from the system on every update.


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